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New Taipei City Luzhou Civil Sports Center

業主             新北市政府新建工程處
設計時間      2012年2月至2012年8月
完工時間      2012年8月至2014年7月
建築資訊      基地面積/27,622.62 m2
                     建築面積/3,345.02 m2
                     總樓地板面積/12,741.36 m2




本案除於建築設計上力求創新外,工程團隊提出2大創新思維,首先採用統包模式,縮短公共工程設計與施工時程;其二在營造技術方面,BIM(Building information modeling)整合建築營造技術與工程管理之先鋒,期以數位化立體3D建築資訊整合技術之發展,帶動台灣建築與工程產業步入數位化工程管理的進程,達成設計工程界面的緊密結合,減少工程錯誤率的發生,進而促成減少工程資源浪費與縮短工期之成果。

Luzhou Regional Development and Campus Correlation 
Luzhou regional development is strategized as a high-quality residential zone within the metropolitan MRT network. Thus, how to combine the new Civil Sports Center in conjunction with Lujiang junior high school and the adjacent communities to create appropriate architectural scale and open spaces, while in respect to the existing campus texture, is the main challenge for this project to reconcile with the surrounding environment.

Architecture Facade Applications and Definitions
Instead of adopting the conventionally closed architectural form of sports centers; the building facades utilize designed openings allowing the opportunity to showcase activities and events to the outside. Between seeing and be seen, it creates a friendly and inviting environment for the neighboring residents to engage in civic participation.  The slopping walls surrounding the swimming pool on the ground floor are planted with vegetation and incorporated with windows in various sizes, shapes and elevation.  The multi- textured building façades enriched a green pathway approaching the nearby school while taking into account the building energy efficiency.

Site Planning and Building Structure Strategy
The Civil Sports Center and Lujiang junior high school are located in close proximity. The main structure of the sports center consists of one 9M-high swimming pool and two 12M/15M-high indoor athletic courts. Vertically stacking these three facilities would bring significant visual impact to the school and the neighborhood. Thus, by dislocating and rotating 90 degrees on these three large masses, not only does it fulfills the requirements of the designated sport venues, it also creates a large open space along the street side on the ground floor and offers a semi-outdoor platform on the third floor for the public use. This platform, besides being a resting place after exercise or sport events for the center users, it can facilitate community events.  It is integrated with Lujiang junior high school campus resource so that it acts as an additional outdoor teaching space on rainy days.  Students and neighboring residents are taken into consideration for the friendliness and accessibility of the sports center in its urban environment.

Project Management and Technology Innovation
In addition to pursue the innovation in architectural design, the engineering team made two major innovative proposals. First, use the centralized contract model to shorten the design and construction duration. Secondly, in construction technology, use BIM (Building information modeling) to integrate the construction technology and project management. The goal of utilizing the technology in digitized 3D building information integration is to promote Taiwan's construction and engineering industry into digitized project management process to achieve close connection with design engineering, avoid engineering error occurrence, and then contribute to reducing the waste of resources and shorten project duration.

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